About us

Introser is a company that has only the best goal in mind, who aims to help each customer to live a healthy life without the hassle. We understand that becoming and staying healthy takes dedication, patience, and a little bit of help, that’s where we come in. With the Introser Smart Bracelet, as company health is harder to stay on track nowadays, but we will certainly help. For a healthy life, Introser ensures that each customer will be much happier to have a small tool to aid in the quest for a fitter life.

The dedication Introser has towards physical health also leads to the wellness of mental and emotional health. We know how exercise can help improve emotional wellbeing and eventually lead to a better mental outlook.

With the Introser Smart Bracelet Device, we believe you’ll get more out of your day when it comes to getting in the movement you intend and even helps with calorie counting (so no more notebooks). The Introser Smart Bracelet also checks on heart rate and monitors, along with a Sports Track setting, that can be personalized. Another aspect we focused on was making this device IP67 waterproof.

Our customers will notice how easy the interface is to use. We did this because, with all the tech devices that simply account for one specific action, Introser wanted each customer to have an all-in-one device that tracks every aspect accurately.

That's why there are several aspects to this Smart Bracelet Device such as phone call reminders, on-time medicine reminding, sleep monitoring, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor, and distance tracking.

No matter the question, send us an email! Our customers are why Introser is here and available to help.